Plans, Checklists and Essential Tools for Security Audit

Security review and security audit is an essential task for all organizations. It is no less than the protection of critical assets.

However, with the growing complexity of IT infra-structure and the diverse range of platforms, this can be extremely difficult. Have you really got the expertise in-house to fully review your various systems? What level of assurance do you have that you have not missed something, however knowledgeable your staff? How thorough is your audit or review in reality?

To help address these concerns, and for simple cost effectiveness, more and more organizations are now employing toolkits as the basis of their reviews. These pre-written plans, checklists and other documents form a sound basis from which to begin and audit/review of a common platform or process. They help ensure objectivity, visibility and efficiency. As the cost is usually trivial, they often pay for themsleves within minutes in terms of value.

The Security Audit Toolbox has brought together a collection of the most widely used and most trusted audit toolkits. For convenience, these can all be downloaded on purchase.

This toolkit covers networks, firewalls, system access, data access, routers, virus management, internet, etc. An extremely comprehensive offering. More Information

This toolkit provides a comprehensive review of your contingency arrangements. Its questionnaires cover everything from application backup to power supply. Also included is a   full dependency analysis module and a business impact questionnaire. More Information

This toolkit is essentially a detailed audit plan for the AS400 platform. It covers logical access, audit trails, recovery, standards and procedures, roles and responsibilites, and various other issues. More Information

ISO 17799
ISO17799 is becoming ever more influential. This toolkit is essentially a starter pack. It includes a roadmap, compliant policies, a presentation and a number of checklists and questionnaires (including the e-Security Toolkit above). More Information

Audit of course doesn't stop at security. We have therefore collated a series of sites which host resources covering topics as diverse as: health and safety, ISO9000, ISO14000, and others.More Information

Hopefully these pages will be of benefit. If however, you need any further information in this field, or have any suggestions for additional toolkits, please feel free to contact us by email.


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